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Storage Price and Size Guide

Sydney Mini Storage offers an array of lockers and storage units of various sizes. The options allow you smartly pick the right size for your stuff from home, office or business and pay only for the space you need for the time being. If the quantity of your stuff grows, you only need to move them to a bigger storage unit. That means no wasting of space or money!

To help you choose the right size to rent (and estimate the price), check out our rates below.

How big is a cubic metre?

A cubic metre is a space in the shape of a cube which is 1 metre on each side – often referred to as 1m³ (1m width x 1m length x 1m height). A cubic metre can be made up of approximately 8 medium boxes measuring 50cm x 50cm x 50cm.

We refer to cubic metres when giving quotes, as do most removal companies.

Cubic Metres Description Price
1.0 – 1.5 Mini Unit
Golf Clubs clubs or seasonal wardrobe, tv & stereo, computer
Quantity storage cartons or archive boxes
$70 per month
1.5 – 2.0 Upper Unit
Upper level, easily accessed. Ideal for storing smaller items
that don’t need to be accessed regularly
$80 per month
2 Maxi Unit
Golf clubs, snow skis, surf skis or seasonal wardrobe,
quantity storage cartons or archive boxes
$120 per month
4 Compact Unit
Contents selected household goods
$160 per month
6 Medium Unit
Contents 2-3 rooms of household goods
$200 per month
9 Large Unit
Contents 3+ rooms of household goods
$220 per month

All sizes quoted above are approximate sizes only.

Rents are charged monthly in advance, and are inclusive of GST. Minimum storage period is one month, after which seven days notice is required. No maximum period, store as long as you like!

Space Estimator

Not sure how many cubic metres you need? Use our handy tool below to enter your items to get an idea of how much space your items will take up.