Sydney Mini Storage: The Smart and Practical Space Solution Right in Your Neighborhood!

Are you in need of more space?

Discover the smart way to create more space for your home or business!

  • Do you have “stuff” cluttering your home or workplace that you can’t bear to part with?
  • Do you want to organize a space so that you can save time looking for things you need?
  • Is the clutter in your home or office stressing you out?

Let Sydney Mini Storage show you an innovative and savvy storage option. With Sydney Mini Storage you smartly save money by paying only for the space that you actually need.

Sydney Mini Storage will let you store your “stuff” from:

  • Home
  • Office
  • Personal Interest and Hobbies
  • Business/Commercial Inventory or Stock

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Sydney Mini Storage boasts the following features:

It is conveniently accessible.

  • It is located right where you can easily find it in the heart of Alexandria.
  • The facility is open to accommodate its clients’ access needs.
  • There are trolleys to ensure easy loading and unloading of your goods to and from storage.
  • There are access features for clients using a wheelchair or with disabilities.
  • There is a off-street customer parking available.

It has state-of-the-art security.

  • The facility is secured with a round-the-clock back-to-base security.
  • The unit areas are well secured with pin-coded electronic security gates.
  • There are CCTV cameras installed to monitor activities.
  • Owners have their own padlocks and keys to their own unit
  • Sydney Mini Storage is also fully fire-compliant

Clutter is inevitable as people accumulate “stuff” over time. With space becoming a very valuable commodity in the metropolis, extra spaces in residences, offices and commercial areas just get too expensive. As a result, clutter builds up.

You need storage for those things you may still have a need for in the future and for those things that you can’t part with.

There are also occasions when you need a space to temporarily store your belongings – such as when making renovations around the home.

You wouldn’t want your stuff lying around when workers and suppliers are coming and going. Consider too the natural elements – rain, sun and wind – taking a toll on your expensive belongings if they were to be left outdoors.

Keeping your expenses low is important to steer your business to success. While a small business struggles to survive and thrive, there is no need to move to a bigger premises with a more spacious stockroom. You just need a temporary storage that allows you to have flexible choices so you’ll have adequate space while your business grows.

Do you have seasonal hobbies or interests? If you have a seasonal sport or interest that uses equipment (such as bicycles, skis, etc) and apparel that are bulky and occupying space, you want them safely stowed away until the next season.

In cases like these, the smart and flexible solution is to rent a unit in a mini storage facility that is economical, safe, and conveniently accessible for you. Rather than bearing the brunt of clutter, lost or damaged expensive items, the high cost of maintaining inventory, and impractical wastage of time and space, you can smartly move and store your gear at Sydney Mini Storage.

Should you wish to store your belongings in Melbourne, we recommend that you talk to the friendly team in the Sydney Mini Storage sister facility in Melbourne.

Let Sydney Mini Storage be your partner to moving forward. We have a number of storage options that can meet your needs whether it is just for a small unit or a large one.

Find out more about them when you contact us at: 1300 145100