Boxes And Packing Materials Price Guide

Sydney Mini Storage in Alexandria is here to make storage and packing easier for you with our storage and packing materials – boxes/cartons, packing tapes, padlocks, storage bags, etc. All these are conveniently available in the facility at competitive prices.

So when you are in a hurry, leave the worrying to us. We are here to make sure your goods can be packed properly just before moving or storage.

Check out packing products and their corresponding prices below:

Tea Chest Carton for $6.00

The tea chest carton design is Australia’s and the world’s most popular boxes used in shipping and storage. These are large, heavy duty boxes with durable double cushion cardboard that are perfect for long-haul moves or long-term storage. SMS tea chest carton have the following dimensions:

H – 596mm
W – 406mm
D – 431mm

Book/Wine Carton for $4.00

These are smaller packing boxes that you can easily carry. These cartons have a single (layer), but durable walls and are perfect for…what else but books and wine bottles. These can also be used for packing CDs, DVDs, and other fragile stuff. Book/Wine cartons come in these dimensions:

H – 431mm
W – 298mm
D – 406mmSydney Mini Storage packing supplies

Archive Box for $4.40

These sturdy boxes are one-piece-assembly type that requires no tapes and are useful in packing papers and documents. These are designed for stacking with its double thickness base, built-in carry handles and hinged lid. While these may come in various sizes, ours are available at these dimensions:

H – 260mm
W – 306mm
D – 390mm

Porta-Robe for $16.50

Using the right packing materials is important to keep the quality of your items in good condition. When storing your wardrobe, it can’t be easier with this heavy-duty twin-cushioned Port-A-Robe. With Port-A-Robes, you need not fold your clothes; you can hang them on the steel rail that comes with the box along with hangers.

Packing Tape for $4.50

How can the boxes be sealed and secured but by packing tapes that have good adhesion. Our brand is guaranteed to withstand long storage without dramatic deterioration.

Brass Padlock for $11.00

It is your responsibility to provide your own padlock and key to ensure that only you have the access to your storage unit. In case you forgot or you don’t have the time to buy one before coming to SMS, relax … our ABLE high security padlocks will ensure your storage unit is safe. This brass padlock is double locking with stainless steel springs and hard-wearing chromed steel shackle.

Storage Bag for $3.50

In case you have items that need not be packed in cartons, we have multi-purpose storage bags that are lightweight and flexible with handgrips. These make these bags an easy pack-and go type that are also suitable for stuff you pick from the unit.