Save Space and Money!

The Sydney Mini Storage offers an array of lockers and storage units of various sizes. The options allow you smartly pick the right size for your stuff from home, office or business and pay only for the space you need for the time being. If the quantity of your stuff grows, you only need to move them to a bigger storage unit. That means no wasting of space or money!

To help you choose the right size to rent (and estimate the price), check out our Storage Size and Price Guide.

Storage Price & Size GuideMonthly
(1.5 to 2.0 Cubic Metre) - upper level, easily accessed
Ideal for storing smaller items that don't need to be accessed regularly.

Mini Locker
(1 to 1.5 Cubic Metres)
Golf clubs or seasonal wardrobe
Television & stereo, computer
Quantity storage cartons or archive boxes

Mini Unit
(2 Cubic Metres)
Golf clubs, snow skis, surf skis or seasonal wardrobe
Quantity storage cartons or archive boxes

1 to 2 Square Metre Unit
(4 Cubic Metres)
Contents selected household goods

2 to 3 Square Metre Unit
(6 Cubic Metres)
Contents 1-2 rooms of household goods

3 to 4 Square Metre Unit
(9 Cubic Metres)
Contents 2-3 rooms of household goods

4 to 5 Square Metre Unit
(11 -12 Cubic Metres)
Contents 1-2 bedrooms unit

none available
5 to 6 Square Metre Unit
(14 Cubic Metres)
Contents average 2 bedroom unit

none available

All sizes quoted above are approximate sizes only.

Rents are charged monthly in advance, and are inclusive of GST.
Minimum storage period is one month, after which seven days notice is
No maximum period, store as long as you like!


sydney mini storage

It’s All Yours!

Use our storage for as long as you want!

You only need to pay the monthly fee (inclusive of the GST) in advance to enjoy the convenience of our storage units for the entire month, which is the minimum storage period. After the month, we would like to know in 7 days if you plan to continue using our storage facility through a 7-day notice.

Do you need space for storage?

Count yourself lucky if you live in Sydney or anywhere close to it because the Sydney Mini Storage can take stuffs out of your hands for as long as you like. Enjoy the savings, the convenience and the extra space you created in your home, office or business.

Discover how you can smartly solve your space or storage problem. Call Sydney Mini Storage today 1300 145100! Better yet, come for a visit and inspect the facility.