Storage Insurance Cover

There is wisdom in the axiom: “If it’s worth storing, it’s worth insuring!”

Sydney Mini Storage embraces this wisdom and cares for you and your possessions that you are entrusting to us. This is why we ask that you protect your stored valuables with an insurance policy.

Knowing that unfortunate incidents are inevitable, we want to ensure your valuables stored in the SMS facility are adequately protected. We are here to make insuring an easy process and cost-effective too with Midland Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd., our specialist self-storage insurer. When you come to sign the storage agreement with SMS, we can also arrange for you to fill up the policy application form at your convenience.

Our policy insures your possessions for indemnity value. This means that in case of damages or loss, you will be paid a replacement cost less an amount representing depreciation value due to age, wear and tear.

Insurable Risks

These are the risks that your insurer must cover. These are:

  • Loss due to fire and theft (with forcible entry)
  • Blasts/explosions
  • intentional destruction
  • damage from wind storm
  • damage from smoke
  • water damage
  • natural mishaps (such as lightning, storm, flood and earthquake)
  • impact (that isn’t caused by pests, insects and wildlife)
  • riots and strikes (and other forms of civil unrests)

Marketable products may also be insured, subject to approval by our specialist self-storage insurer.


Know what items/goods can’t be covered by Midland. These are:

  • Losses that are generally recoverable from another insurance policy
  • Money
  • Deeds (such as ownerships, donations, sales, etc.)
  • Securities (stocks or bonds)
  • Jewels, jewelry and precious stones
  • Furs (and other outfits with fur edgings)
  • Artworks (paintings, curios and other forms of collectible art)


To get an idea about the premium you need to pay, check out the table for insurance below:



The excess under the insurance policy is $200 per claim 

CGU Insurance Ltd, ABN 27 004 478 371 (an IAG Company)