Customer Storage Guidelines

Select the storage unit

To enjoy the benefits of mini self-storage at Sydney Mini Storage , Alexandria, you must be able to pick the right size of storage unit to rent. You can determine what suits your requirement by checking out the Storage Size and Price Guide.

Pay just the right amount when you get the right storage unit. Remember, the price depends on the size of the storage unit. If you need help, the our staff will be happy to assist you. Efficiently packing your stuff in the unit will let you access everything without the need to get a bigger storage and to pay more.

Read the rental agreement

This storage facility will ask that you sign a written storage agreement; you must read it thoroughly. This will help you get an insight about how your stored items are protected, your responsibilities and that of Sydney Mini Storage.

Do not sign until every question has been addressed. We are more than happy to entertain your queries. Please inform us of any change in your contact numbers – home or business address, email address or phone numbers so we may reach you when the need arises.

Cover your stored goods with insurance

Sydney Mini Storage makes sure that utmost care will be extended to keep your goods safe and secured while in storage. It is, however, your ultimate responsibility to see to it that your stored items are insured. It is to your advantage if you get it covered with an adequate insurance policy.

Before you spend on a policy, it is recommended that you check first with your insurer if your current coverage includes goods held in a mini storage facility. We can help you get an appropriate cover to best protect your goods.

Know what’s not allowed for storage

You are responsible for the items you put in the storage unit. For the safety of your goods, it is critical to know what you must not store to save your goods from deteriorating or from causing disasters like fire. Make sure you will not store any of these:

  • Live animals
  • Perishables like food
  • Materials that can cause explosions (explosive materials)
  • Materials that can start a fire (combustible materials)

If you must store machines such as lawnmowers, make sure that the fuel has been completely drained prior to storage.

This Customer Storage Guides will see to it that you better enjoy the benefits of storing your goods at Sydney Mini Storage.

Mounting storage problems? A flexible, easy and inexpensive solution waits at Sydney Mini Storage. Make your inquiries now: 1300 145100.