Residential or Personal Storage

Feng shui experts recommend clearing your home of clutters to liberate the trapped energy and to transform your life. De-cluttering homes can create space that will allow the energy flow better releasing those negative thoughts and emotions that can be slowing you down.

Using scientific tools to track the responses to clutter stimulus, science was able to prove that clutter can interfere with the psychological processes such as the ability to focus and process information. It is even a validated source of stress.

Whatever you believe in, one thing is clear, clutter is not good at all.

Unfortunately, most people can’t help but accumulate a lot of stuff through the years that become the source of their clutter. Even the most penny-pinching individuals can amass unbelievable mementoes in a lifetime; can you imagine what home is like for shopaholics and hoarders?

Figuring Out More Truths and Problems:

Regardless of your residence type, you will eventually have a problem on clutter or having more stuff that you can keep in your home without sacrificing valuable space. It is common for old homes to have minimal storage fixtures and features. Meanwhile, modern homes are mostly lacking in space.

Prices of real estate in cities are spiraling; every square meter is getting expensive.

If you haven’t noticed, most newly-built homes in the metropolis are getting smaller. It is becoming a craze for city-dwellers to live in condominiums, flats and apartments; all of which have small floor areas, and most often with less storage too.

Most homes have minimal storage features.

If you live in an older and more spacious home, chances are you are considering to sell it or to build smaller homes for a profit. Besides, having a bigger home is not a guarantee you can organize all the stuff you accumulated in your lifetime.

At some point, you would want to give your home a facelift or renovation.

When that happens, you would want your expensive furniture and collections spared from damages caused by exposure to weather, and from theft. You can’t also stick around all the time especially when you have to work.

Active families keep more stuff and need security for their valuables.

Families who travel a lot or spend much time outdoors have possessions such as skis, surf boards, kayak, etc. as well as sport apparel and seasonal clothes. These are things they wouldn’t have a need for until the next season or adventure; meanwhile, all these cause clutter. Without proper storage, these are subject to damage  and deterioration.